True to the western heritage of Kansas, the Bed & Breakfast reflects the image of a main street in the Old West, complete with an outdoor balcony which is accessible from each room.

Come and stay in one of our many beautifully decorated rooms, each have hand-painted murals and no two rooms are the same.

Room Price includes:   evening tour, evening snack, breakfast, morning tour, camel and pony rides.

Hedrick's offers a quiet country atmosphere, with the opportunity to meet, watch and learn about exotic animals.


As a Bed & Breakfast Guest you may walk around the farm to see and pet the animals.

We are a working farm and we do ask guests not enter barns and pen areas without a tour guide.

There are areas where Bed & Breakfast guests can see and pet the animals without a tour guide.

There are goats, chickens, peacocks, dogs, cats, etc. that wander around the farm.