Welcome to Hedrick's 'Around The World In One Display': Animal Page Index:

(please note: not all animals listed will be present at each Hedrick’s ‘Around The World In One Display’.

The animal information provided on these pages is for educational purposes only.)

          American Bison

          African Crested Porcupine

          African Spur-Thigh Desert Tortoise




          Beef Cattle

          Chicken (Domestic)

          Dairy Cattle

          Dromedary Camel

          Dutch Belted Cattle




          Goat (Domestic)

          Guinea Pig (Domestic)

          Indu-Brazil Zebu

          Jacob 4-Horn Sheep



          Longhorn Cattle

          Miniature Horse

          Miniature Zebu



          Patagonian Cavy

          Pig (Domestic)

          Pot-Bellied Pig

          Sicilian Donkey

          Scottish Highland Cattle

          Sheep (Domestic)

          Turkey (Domestic)


          Water Buffalo